Let’s Get started!

First, call us (952)884-6272

Have you been in an accident and need auto body repair?

First, contact Key Collision at (952) 884-6272

During the call, Key Collision will

  1. Determine the best way to get your vehicle to Key Collision.
  2. Arrange alternate transportation if needed. FREE loaner vehicle available with most repairs.
  3. Assist in reporting the accident to your insurance company (we will be glad to help!). Once reported, we will take it from there.
  4. Do the insurance paperwork and get the repairs approved by your insurance company.
  5. Repair your car to its pre-crash condition.


If we’re not open

  1. You can get 24-hour towing by calling: (651) 454-1533
  2. If your vehicle is drivable, drop it off on our lot, lock your vehicle, fill out the early bird envelope located near the office entrance, place your keys in the envelope and drop the envelope in the mail slot.
  3. We will contact you the next business day.

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