What Does Your Business Car Say About Your Business?

We can help you here at Key Collision.  More and more small businesses are advertising with their vehicles. Whether you have a partial vehicle wrap or a magnetic sign, it’s a good tactic to increase brand awareness. Even if customers don’t jot down your company name or phone number when they see you around town, just making your name a familiar sight makes your brand more trustworthy when people start looking for your services. But if you’re going to advertise on your car, it’s important that your car matches your business.

What Should You Repair on Your Business Car?

Not every blemish or speck of dirt is working against your business. But there are a few things that could make your target market leery of doing business with you. Here’s three:

Do you have a bunch of bumper stickers?

Bumper stickers say a lot of your personal beliefs and interests, and they might not have anything to do with your business. But some bumper stickers might sit wrong with your audience, especially if they’re political or religious. Even perfectly innocuous bumper stickers can turn customers away or make them think you’re not a professional.

Is there visible damage?

Almost every car has a bit of wear and tear. But large dings or a crumpled corner on your fender can make potential customers remember your business negatively. People make snap judgments based on the available data. So make sure your car’s body damage is repaired quickly and that there isn’t visible rust.

Does your car look dirty?

Depending on your type of business, a dirty car doesn’t matter. If you work construction or live in a rural area, a dusty truck is expected. But if you work in finance, law, or white-collar fields that expect a certain appearance, a dirty car can get in your way. Get the paint touched up or change it to a color that doesn’t show dirt so you don’t have to spend your off-hours at the car wash.

If you see a bit of body damage that you want to be fixed before hanging your business sign on your car, make an appointment with us at Key Collision and Paint Center.

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