When Can You Use Paintless Dent Repair?

Paintless dent repair, or PDR, tries to keep as much of your original car in place as possible. Unlike traditional body repair methods that use a lot of sanding, filler, and new paint to restore the car, PDR seamlessly pulls the material back in place. Because the method works best with small or shallow dents, it’s most widely known for repairing hail damage. But paintless dent repair should be your first choice for most incidental damage such as:

Body damage from parking lots.

Parking lots have a lot of moving obstructions. Even if the lines are freshly painted, the lanes are wide, and all of the lights are on and bright, minor collisions still happen. Because of the relatively low speeds, a bump against another vehicle or a pole doesn’t have to mean expensive repairs. As long as the paint is still in place, PDR can fix most of the damage. This is also true for shopping cart collisions: sometimes these smaller vehicles can roll around uncontrolled and smack into car panels. Bring it in for a PDR estimate to mitigate most of the costs and time loss.

Dings and dents from country roads and construction sites.

Driving on a gravel road can be a lot like driving through a miniature hailstorm. Passing traffic and the car in front of you are going to kick up a lot of rocks and you can’t do anything to keep them from dinging your car. Even worse, your own tires can kick up rocks and cause damage you don’t immediately see. Instead of letting the surface-level damage builds up on itself, take it in for paintless dent repair before the next layer of damage pierces through the paint.

While hail repair is the most common cause of body damage that gets repaired through PDR, it can also be used for all the small damage your car picks up. Go to Key Collision and Paint Center to set an appointment and make the body look like new.

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