3 Unexpected Areas Where Car Body Damage is Serious

Car collisions are scary things. Even if you’re in a small fender bender or someone bumps into you at low speed, there’s still a lot of stress. One of the first things you should do once you know everyone is safe is to take your car in for a quick inspection of the car body damage. Sometimes a bit of crumpled metal is fine, but sometimes it can conceal dangerous problems.

Where can dents or collision damage be dangerous?

Your car is designed to keep the occupants safe, even at the expense of the internal mechanisms. While checking over the engine if the front hood is damaged is a good first step, you should also have the mechanic:

Check to make sure the front and rear door locks engage completely.

A side collision means the protective layer between the outside and the passengers is compromised. Even if everything looks like simple surface damage, the force could have bent the interior locking mechanisms and the safety systems. If your car door can’t open as effortlessly as before or you can feel or hear air when the car is in motion, take your car to a mechanic immediately. This is a good indication that the lock doesn’t fully work and the door can open at any time. And where the lock is damaged, the safety bar and structure inside the door is probably hurt, too.

Make sure the trunk latch functions properly.

A rear fender bender might not cause any damage to the moving parts of your car, but it can still make things go wrong. The crumpled metal near your trunk is probably stopping the latch from fully clicking into place. This means the trunk might open the next time you go over a bump. The seal might also have been crumpled or knocked out of place, which means your trunk will be exposed to the elements until its fixed. Once mildew from rain settles into a car, it can be almost impossible to get it out.

Go to Key Collision and Paint Center after even a small collision to make sure minor visible damage isn’t concealing something more dangerous.

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