3 Reasons Why Your Car Isn’t Starting

Winter is hard on your car, no matter how well you maintain it or if you keep it in a warm garage overnight. One of the most common problems, and one of the stressful, is when your car simply won’t start. Engine problems happen a lot more often in the winter than any other season, and here’s why:

It could be a dead battery.

Car batteries are susceptible to the cold and can either completely lose their charge or lose enough of it to not power your car. If you turn the key and absolutely nothing happens, the battery is probably the problem. Ask for a charge (most building security teams in office complexes, malls, and shopping centers have jumper boxes) or call a trusted tow company. One of the easiest ways to prepare for winter emergencies is to find these numbers ahead of time so they’re on hand and you don’t have to search while stuck in a parking lot.

It could be the spark plug or alternator belt.

If you turn the key and you can hear your engine trying to start, your battery is probably fine. But the bad news is that that means you probably can’t fix it on the spot. Try to turn the key only a few more times so it doesn’t drain a potentially low battery, and call a mechanic if it continues to stall. They might be able to give you make- or model-specific tips for troubleshooting or at least schedule you in for an appointment.

What should you do if your car won’t start?

If you’re in a brightly lit, populated area, call your mechanic and see if they have any tips for you. Otherwise, stay locked in your car or go back inside to call a tow truck. Always head inside if an area doesn’t feel safe to wait in, whether it’s an empty parking lot or it’s a roadside with low visibility.

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