What Should Be in Your Car This Winter?

Don’t get caught on an icy road without the right gear. Most of the time, a good set of tires and strong lights can get your car to a safe place even in the worst weather, but sometimes you need a little bit more. Here are some of the most important, and often forgotten, things to keep ready in your car this winter:

Keep a cell phone charger.

If you pull over and need to call for help, you don’t always want to rely on your battery to charge your phone. In certain storms, you might have a bit of a wait, and sometimes your battery is the problem. Instead, keep a portable charger on hand. This is useful in everyday life and can be tremendously useful if you need to keep making calls. If not, at least keep a spare cord in the glove compartment; it doesn’t require any maintenance.

Store a few blankets.

Blankets are an all-purpose necessity for winter driving, but it can be tricky to remember to restock after you take them in to clean. Blankets aren’t only an easy way to retain heat if your car isn’t working and you’re waiting for a tow truck; they can protect your windows in a sudden hail or ice storm and even help add traction if one of your tires is caught in a snowdrift.

Bring a separate flashlight.

Phones have flashlights, and it’s easier to just use that one most of the time. But it drains your battery, especially if you don’t have a charger. Keep a few flashlights scattered through the doors’ pockets in your car, and make sure they can produce both a steady beam of light (for visibility) and a blinking light (to draw the eye).

Having the right supplies on hand can keep you safe as you wait for a tow truck or help you off a bad road altogether. Go to Key Collision and Paint Center here for more winter tips.

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