Three Reasons Why You Should Get Your Car Tuned Up Before Winter

Cars can break down without regard for the weather, and it’s even worse during the winter. Not only could severe problems leave you stranded in the cold, severe weather can make your car’s parts brittle and can make small problems grow into malfunctions faster. Here are three reasons to get a quick pre-winter tune-up:

  1. You’re going to use your heater a lot this winter. Just like with air conditioning systems in your house and office, your heater might need a bit of adjustment if it hasn’t been used in a while. Not only can the filters be dirty, but you don’t want your defroster to break when you need it most. Visibility is already at a general low in the winter due to cloudy weather and shorter spans of daylight, so icy obstructions on your windshield are especially hazardous.
  2. Your car needs extra chemicals in the winter. Depending on how cold the weather gets, you might need fuel deicer to get through the winter. This can help ward off freezing, and a mechanic can give you recommendations for more regular care and maintenance.
  3. Your tires might have too much wear. Cars need tires with deeper treads in the winter. Even if you don’t need specific snow tires, worn tires can’t grab onto the road through melting snow and standing puddles. Having a trained technician check your tires before the first storm of the season is absolutely essential for your safety, especially since cold air could lower the pressure of your tires intermittently.

Winter brings a bunch of different driving hazards: whether it’s poor visibility, freezing temperatures, or unexpected changes in driving patterns, your car should be ready to handle them so you stay safe. Go to Key Collision and Paint Center to schedule an appointment or just drop your car off at our center.

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