Seven Tips for Avoiding a Parking Lot Auto Accident

Parking lot accidents are usually minor affairs. While these low-speed fender benders aren’t as serious as highway collisions, they do require dealing with insurance companies and auto repair. They’re also an all-too-common occurrence because parking lots are chaotic places full of distracted drivers. However, there are a number of steps you can take to avoid this type of auto accident:

  • Drive defensively. This means your main focus should be avoiding mishaps with other cars rather than finding the best possible parking space. Drive slowly and watch for aggressive drivers who may rapidly pull around a blind corner or drive without regard to the painted lines on the pavement. Expect cars to back out of their spots without looking.
  • Look for uncontested parking spaces. Choose a space farther from the store where there are fewer cars. This gives you a greater choice of lots and means you won’t have to deal with the congestion near the main entry doors where cars compete for the closest parking spaces. This only costs you an extra minute or less of walking.
  • Avoid parking next to larger vehicles. Backing out of a space hemmed in by tall vehicles restricts your view of approaching traffic. This kind of blind backing exposes you to aggressive or distracted drivers.
  • Avoid parking next to a blind corner. Backing out of a space next to a blind corner leaves you vulnerable to drivers who may aggressively turn the corner without slowing or looking.
  • Avoid tight parking spaces. This risks door dings from the cars next to you and possibly fender damage should a driver miscalculate while pulling out of the adjacent space.
  • Back out carefully. Don’t rely exclusively on your rear view mirror. Turn your head and look over both shoulders while slowly backing out.
  • Use pull-through spaces where possible. This allows you to leave your space while driving forward. When pulling into the space, look for other cars attempting to pull into the same spot from the opposite side.

If your car gets damaged in a parking lot accident, Key Collision and Paint Center will restore your car back to its original condition. Contact us for more information.

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