How to Ensure Your Car Is Safely Lit

Keeping your car safe to drive is a continuous responsibility, and sometimes it can be hard to do by yourself. Checking your tires for the right air pressure and your oil for relative cleanliness are simple enough solo jobs, but checking your lights can be a little more difficult.

How can you check your lights yourself?

The easiest way to check your car’s headlights, brake lights, and turn signals, is to have someone watch as you flip them on. But if you’re running errands by yourself and want to check on a suspiciously weak light, got caught in a hail storm, or have a feeling some of your bulbs may have reached their lifespan, find a full parking lot and test them off of other cars’ reflective surfaces. While this test is a bit informal, since it only lets you know if your lights are working well enough to bounce off the car in front of and behind you in your mirror, it gets the job done if you have to get back on the road.

But sometimes that’s not enough. The next time you go to your mechanic for any repairs or inspections, ask them to test the lights for brightness. Some lights are too dim to retain safety, while others are impacted by cloudy covers. Wiring can also go faulty over time, so a quick test on your own isn’t a sign of long-term reliability. Go to Key Collision and Paint Center here for more tips and services.

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