How Dangerous Is Your Dented Car Door?

Some dents are more cosmetic than others, but it’s always important to get them inspected by a reliable mechanic. Not only do you need to ensure that none of the dents punctured the paint and broke the anti-corrosion barrier, but some seemingly safe dents can actually be dangerous, especially if they’re on your car door.
Why is a dented car door so dangerous?
• The flat face of your car door panel covers the window and locking mechanisms. Even if it looks like just a bit of surface damage, it could have damaged some of the concealed parts and made the locking tools unreliable. Not being able to unlock a car door, either through the button or the physical latch, can put your passengers at risk in the event of an accident. It also means it might be easier to break into your car, especially if the dent pushed the top of the panel away from the window slot and made it wider.
• Even the opening mechanism itself could be impacted. The interlocking metal grips between your door and the frame don’t need to lock perfectly together to latch shut, but they do need to in order to latch shut safely. If a collision misaligned the mechanisms, then pressure from a passenger leaning against the interior of the door could make it open unexpectedly, and that’s dangerous whether the car is in motion or not.
Some dents are more dangerous than they appear, especially if the panels cover intricate parts. Go to Key Collision and Paint Center for a quick inspection to make your car safe.

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