The Dangers Of Losing A Side Panel After A Car Accident

Side panels are an essential element of any vehicle because they help keep them running properly. However, a car accident can cause serious damage to a side panel that needs to be fixed right away. Here’s why you can’t let this problem linger around.

Side Panels Keep A Car Together 

The side panel of a car helps keep it running smoothly by providing it with a high-quality structure. Without the side panel, it is easier for items on the car to get shaken up and fall off. It is also easier for it to get damaged by other items, like wind and other serious concerns. As a result, it is essential to get the side panel fixed as soon as possible to keep the car from serious damage.

Side Panel Repair Can Be Tricky

While many people enjoy trying DIY repair of simple auto body repair techniques, side panel repair is not one that most people could do on their own. It requires understanding the way the panel attaches to the car, how to remove the damaged area, and proper installation of the new panel. While it’s not impossible to do this on your own, it is highly suggested that you do not.

So if you need help getting your car back on the road after losing a side panel, don’t hesitate to contact us today. We can quickly assess the damage, give you a free estimate, and even provide you with a free loaner while you get your car repaired. With 40 years of business and multiple friend ASE-certified technicians, you are in great hands with us.

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