The Advantage of Getting a Free Estimate

Some repairs don’t need to be immediately fixed, and that gives you a great opportunity to learn more about the damage. Others are an emergency, but going to the first repair shop you can might cost you hundreds of extra dollars. No matter what type of repairs you need, make sure you go to a mechanic that offers you a free estimate. Here’s why:

  1. You have more information when you talk to your insurance agent. Depending on the type of damage and the season, your insurance company might offer a quota without having your car examined in-person. This might lead to you not having the adequate funds for the actual damage done, and once your car is repaired it’s much harder to go back and appeal their quota. If you have a mechanic inspect the damage and prepare a full estimate, you can not better describe the full damage done, you have an approximate cost to counter the agent’s first answer if it’s too low.
  2. You can see what other companies are offering for comparable repairs. Different companies have different processes, and the more you know about what’s wrong with your car and what mechanics charge, the better you can be sure you’re ending up with a good deal.
  3. An itemized estimate lets you repair what you have to and save the rest of later. Most car incidents create both critical and cosmetic damage. Having a mechanic give you a free estimate lets you decide which repairs you can afford or prefer to make quickly, and which ones can wait.

No matter what car you have, Key Collision and Paint Center can make you a free estimate. Go to our site here to schedule an appointment or just drop your car off at your convenience.

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