How a Professional Car Painter Brings More than Manpower to the Job

Painting a car takes time. You have to dismantle the parts and panels of the vehicle to ensure a paint job with lines or missed portions of the exterior, each piece needs to be sanded down for a smooth finish, and the painting itself takes time. But when you take your car to a professional, you do more than get the hours back. You get an expert who knows what type of paint to use and how to apply it.

  • Different cars have different types of paint, and adding the wrong one on top can ruin the paint job. Recent cars almost always use polyurethane paints, but each one might have a slightly different formula for its sheen and reflectiveness. Older cars tended towards either acrylic enamel or acrylic lacquer. Adding a coat of the wrong paint can cause wrinkles across the surface, and painting with acrylic lacquer on materials meant for enamel can damage the parts.
  • Car paint comes in different levels of quality. Just like with house paint, the brand name indicates quality and durability. Professional car painters can tell the difference in quality between Sherwin William and Diamont paint, and they also know which paint is the best fit for your car’s value. Even if you just want part of a panel to be repainted after damage, relying on a professional’s knowledge is the best way to get a car with a seamless layer of a paint.

Professional painters bring more than labor to a job; they have access to better tools, paint, and applicators, and they have the know-how that comes from painting and repairing hundreds of cars. Go to Key Collision and Paint Center here to see the difference a professional paint job can make.

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