The Best Body Shop Around: Key Collision and Paint Center

Have you been in an accident? Do you need some auto body repair help? Looking for a body shop to help get your car fixed? Look no further: Key Collision and Paint Center is the place for you!

No matter whose fault it was, how bad the damage is, or what part(s) on your car needs fixing, we can help. We have experience working with all kinds of cars and repairing all different types of damages, so we are definitely qualified for the job. Whether you need repairs to fix dents, windows, or a number of other parts of your car, we’ve got you covered. Plus, we offer services on all makes and models, so don’t worry about your car being turned away!

After one of our expert technicians assesses and repairs your car, we assure you that it will return to its pre-accident value and appearance. “Quality repairs you can count on… guaranteed.” That’s our motto. We promise if you bring your car in for us to repair, you will not be disappointed.

Ready to get in touch? We have a few options! Contact us on this online form, call (952) 884-6272, or just come by our shop! If it’s after hours, we have the option for you to drop it off (if it’s driveable) or to have it towed right to our door! We know you want to get your car back on the road and back to looking as good as new. The friendly experts at Key Collision and Paint Center will be waiting for you!


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