Three Critical Steps After an Auto Accident

Getting into an auto accident can be a scary ordeal, especially if there are injuries involved. The last thing you want to happen is for your car to not get repaired properly or for it to be a total loss. There are a few steps involved that will make this painful process go much smoother. If you are in an accident following these guidelines will help you get back to normal quickly and efficiently.

The Accident

The most important first step in any automobile accident is to make sure everyone is not hurt and call emergency services if they are. Police should be notified in almost all accidents, even if they seem minor. This is to obtain an official accident report that is imperative in filing the proper insurance claim. All parties involved need to exchange personal and insurance information. If you have roadside assistance you can call for a tow or the police normally have reliable sources they will provide.

Insurance Claim

You can call your insurance as soon as the accident occurs. It doesn’t hurt to get the ball rolling immediately as the quicker you file a claim the sooner your car can get repaired. Taking pictures of the car and its damage can help in the claims process. Turn the pictures, accident report, and other driver’s information into your insurance and they will handle it from there.

Auto Body Repair

After you file a claim the next step is to find a reputable auto repair business to get an estimate. It is important that you seek a business with professionally trained technicians preferably certified with ICAR. A good auto repair business will honor all insurance estimates and help you work with your insurance for a smooth process. Don’t be afraid to ask questions as getting your car repaired properly is your ultimate goal.

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