Auto Body Shop: Give Your Car A Little Spring Cleaning

Spring is definitely in the air. Flowers are blooming, you are allowing the breeze to come into your home by opening your windows, and you probably have the urge to actually do some spring cleaning. While cleaning your home is definitely great; you should not forget to add your car to that list. Yes, your car will appreciate a good spring cleaning. 

Get Rid Of The Winter

The weather that occurs during the winter can really put your car to the test, especially the paint job. Your car has probably seen a mixture of snow, ice, dirt, and other debris. When you use your vehicle in the shade, you will realize that the soap and water will less likely to leave streaks on your car. When you wash your vehicle, you should try to wash it in sections and you should rinse the car as you are washing the car in sections.

Do You Need To Wax Your Car?

How often do your wax your car? You should make an attempt to wax your car at least twice a year. 

Show Your Tires Some Love

Your tires will also need a good spraying this spring. Spray all parts of your tires because it can be filled with dirt and grime that you do not see. Do not use the same towel you used on your car’s paint to clean your car’s rims.

When you take the necessary steps to maintain your car, not only will you feel better about your car, it will look better and drive better. Contact us today for more tips on caring for your car each season. 


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