What is a State-of-the-Art Body Shop Facility and Why Should It Matter to You?

Did you know that one of the first things they tell you when starting a business is to reinvest your profits into upgrading the company? This might refer to your outdoor signage, the creation of new product or service lines, or the equipment you use every day. At the Key Collision and Paint Center, we decided that upgrading our body shop equipment and turning the center into a state-of-the-art facility would be our focus.
Whether you need excellent auto collision repair work done, or you require a superior paint job after a car accident, dealing with a shop that has the latest equipment makes sense. While others may invest in bigger signs to bring in more customers, the equipment affects the quality of the work we do.
• Modern. Today’s car is nothing like the vehicles we worked on when we opened our doors more than three decades ago. Keeping up to date and close to the cutting edge of automotive technology ensures that you can bring any vehicle to us for factory-standard servicing and repairs.
• Standardized. There is no guesswork and no mental math gymnastics required to adapt outdated equipment’s readings for modern vehicles. Because we invested in equipment with calibration options for today’s cars as well as yesterday’s models, you know that we do your car justice.
• Factory finish. Since our experts work with the equipment daily, they routinely return cars that feature factory-correct restorations. This is not something every body shop can claim.
Contact us today to learn more about the technology we use to repair your car, truck, or van for the best results possible.

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