How to Avoid Auto Accidents During the Winter

Driving during the winter can be dangerous at times. Minnesota’s winters can be harsh, and you must drive with extreme caution when snow and ice cover the road. Here are some tips on how to avoid auto accidents during the winter.
Always Get Enough Sleep
You need a lot more concentration when you drive during the winter. You must be aware of ice and black ice on the road. Also, night falls early and pedestrians can be hard to spot. Never drive when you’re fatigued.
Keep the Car Temperature Comfortable
If you’re too cold, you can get numb and lose your concentration. If the temperature is too hot, you can get sleepy and drowse off. Keep a moderate and comfortable temperature.
Use These Icy Road Driving Tips
Avoid cruise control on icy roads if you can. When ascending a hill, gain momentum before you reach it and slow down when you reach the crest, descending with caution. Try not to use your parking brake in snowy weather.
Keep Your Distance
Increase your distance from the car in front of you by double the normal rate. Instead of 3-4 seconds, keep a distance of 7-8 seconds.
Stay in the Know
Keep track of the weather predictions. Don’t go out if a snowfall is predicted.
Be Prepared
Keep your gas tank half full at all times, and always drive with a kit of food, drink, and warm gear. This way you will have a place to stay if you are stranded.
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