Body Shop Specialists Discuss Hail Damage

Although we typically handle auto collision repairs after accidents, now is also the time that our body shop gets inquiries about fixing hail damage. Frequently, clients are surprised to learn how extensive the needed repairs are – even after only a brief stint outside during a storm event.
In fact, it is not unusual for hail to shatter the windshield, cause large dents, and scrape the paint job along the sides and bottom of the vehicle. The majority of the damage you see is typically situated on the roof and hood as well as around the trunk area. Aftermarket additions to your vehicle may also sustain extensive damage.
That said, we gladly restore your ride to its pre-hail condition.
• Paintless dent repair. When possible, we strive for paintless dent repair because it saves you time and money.
• Replacement of missing gold plating. Bits and pieces of your vehicle may get lost during a hailstorm. Whether you are missing a hood ornament or some gold plating, we fix it and make it right.
• Windshield repair. Do you have a cracked windshield or does the entire pane of glass need to be replaced? We service the auto glass to reestablish the structural safety of your vehicle.
Getting service is as easy as dropping off your vehicle on our lot. You may do so at any time – even if the storm damaged the car in the middle of the night. Our experts contact you the next morning to discuss the severity of the problem and the steps we need to take to repair it. Call us today to learn more dealing with hail damage.

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