Auto Body Repair Specialists Weigh in on Original Manufacturer Parts

When shopping around for auto body repair estimates, you have probably noticed that the dollar amounts vary drastically from shop to shop. Even when you factor in that some shops employ certified technicians to handle the job while others do not, the differences still seem extreme at times. Our specialists have tackled the issue and found that a significant difference in the estimates is the use of original manufacturer parts versus aftermarket pieces.
Known in the trade as OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts, they are ideally suited to fix your car.
• Perfect fit. Since the part comes directly from the manufacturer that produced the car, it fits perfectly into the allotted space.
• Warranty. An original manufacturer part usually carries a guarantee that protects the vehicle owner against damage if the item fails or requires replacement.
• Standardized. Selecting the right part is easy. Only one OEM part fits into the place of a damaged one; a technician does not have to guess between groups of similar items.
On the flip side, aftermarket parts distinguish themselves by their bargain basement pricing. However, depending on the maker of the products, you may get what you pay for. Because frequently parts manufacturers specialize in producing large quantities of car parts that closely fit multiple makes and models of vehicles, the pieces do not always come with a perfect fit. Sometimes, a technician has to make adjustments or modify the space where a piece should fit.
Granted, it may not make a lot of difference whether you use OEM or aftermarket parts when talking about batteries, spark plugs, and similar items. But when your vehicle needs new body panels, for example, a part that “almost” fits is not only unsightly but also unsafe. We understand that this can be a lot to consider when getting your car repaired. Contact our specialists today to learn more about auto body repair with original manufacturer parts.

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