Auto Paint Jobs: Why You Should Leave Them To The Pros

If it’s time to paint your vehicle, you’re probably wondering whether you should handle the task or let professionals do the work. Applying auto paint is a strenuous and stressful task, which makes it professional work.
Vehicles Come Apart For Painting
You’ll need to remove different sections and spray paint each one separately. This is to prevent accidentally painting a part that isn’t supposed to have paint. If you aren’t familiar with taking vehicles apart, this task is likely to cause great hassle.
Auto Painting Requires Multiple Coats
You have to apply primer, one or more coats of color, and a top clear coat. The clear coat prevents chips from forming when rocks hit the vehicle.
Auto Painting Requires Complete Removal of Rust
You can’t just grind off most of the rust and not worry about the small specks. Even small amounts of rust underneath paint cause problems down the road. While a novice might miss some rust, a professional has the expert eyes to tell when rust is truly gone.
Vehicle Paint Takes A Long Time to Dry
Unlike house paint, auto paint doesn’t dry right away. In fact, this type of paint takes weeks to fully dry. Drying time makes auto painting a long-term project, and you’ll need a safe place to store the vehicle as each coat dries. Professionals have special machines that speed up drying time.
At Key Collision and Paint Center, we have the tools and skills to paint vehicles correctly and efficiently. To find out more, please contact us to speak with an expert.

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