Top 5 Questions to Ask an Auto Collision Repair Shop Before Signing on the Dotted Line

Doing business with an auto collision repair shop can be an excellent experience. While the accident leading to the needed repair most certainly was unpleasant, ensure that the customer service you receive at the collision repair facility will not add to your frustration. Five questions help you separate the so-so shops from the top businesses.
1. Do you offer free loaner vehicles? Depending on your insurance policy, you may have coverage for a rental car. If you do not, or if the repair takes a bit longer than your insurer will pay for transportation, you save a lot of money by making use of a free loaner vehicle.
2. Do you handle the insurance paperwork? Few things are more frustrating than reporting an accident to your insurer only to be greeted with a game of 20 questions. Some questions make no sense unless you are in insider in the body shop business. When you work with a shop that handles the paperwork and repair approval, you do not inadvertently give the insurer the wrong information that limits repairs.
3. What will my vehicle look like after you finish? The right answer should be “in pre-crash condition.” Doing so requires excellent paint matches, expert body work and no skimping on the details such as trim and detailing.
4. How long has this shop been in business? Beware the newcomers to the trade and those who close one business only to open another one. In the case of the former, you do not want to be the repair job the technician cuts his teeth on. In the case of the latter, the changes in business names are a red flag.
5. Are your staff members certified? There are several certifying bodies in the automotive industry. Look for the I-CAR certification that specifically governs collision repair.
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