Key Collision Goes the Extra Mile for Our Customers

In ancient times, when Rome was busy taking over the world, a certain law was instituted by Roman soldiers that required any citizen of a conquered country to assist the soldiers in their efforts of world domination. Living under the prevailing philosophy of “might makes right,” Roman soldiers were legally permitted to coerce non-Romans into carrying their pack for the exact distance of one mile. After one mile, the citizen bearing the soldier’s burden was permitted to put down the pack and carry on with his existence.
There are times in life when we all need someone to help us bear the burdens that life throws our way. At Key Collision, our staff is prepared to go the “extra” mile in order to help you get your vehicle serviced, repaired, and back on the road as soon as possible so you can go on about your daily activities. A collision never happens at a convenient time, but we have taken steps to ensure that your interactions with us will be as smooth and convenient as possible. Our “extra mile” service to you may include providing you with a free loaner vehicle for your use during the time it takes to repair your car or truck (some restrictions apply), filing paperwork with your insurance company, providing emergency towing service that is available 24 hours a day, or giving you a ride back to work when you drop off your vehicle on your lunch break.
At Key Collision, our desire is to make your burden a little lighter today. To learn more about how our staff is prepared to go the extra mile for you, contact us today!

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