Auto Collision Repair Done Right: Attention to Detail Matters

In the aftermath of an auto collision, repair services should be quick, comprehensive and capable of returning your vehicle in a like-new condition to you. But is this always the case? When you bring it to the Key Collision and Paint Center, it is. Here is why.
• OEMs. We use original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts whenever possible. If these are not available, we select parts that best match your vehicle’s requirements and ensure the safety of its occupants.
• Comprehensive repair approach. Although your insurance may have given you an estimate of the cost, there is a possibility that we find additional damage once we start taking out parts and fixing the problems. If this happens, we contact your insurance company to discuss the need for additional funding; sure, this creates a little extra work on our side. But your safety and satisfaction are worth it.
• Guaranteed color matches. If you have ever seen the paint job of a car after an accident repair, you may have wondered why some of the paint is slightly lighter (or darker) than the rest of the vehicle. Bring your car to us and you do not have to wonder. We guarantee a factory color match not just by choosing the right color but also by painting the affected parts of your vehicle in accordance with stated factory procedures.
• Attention to detail. There is more to returning a fully repaired vehicle to you than replacing some parts and removing a few dents. If you had gold plating, we will install replacement gold plating. If you had a painted pinstripe, we will return your vehicle to you with the pinstripe restored.
Contact us today to learn more about the emphasis we place on a comprehensive auto collision repair.

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