Should Auto Body Repair Shops Limit Assistance Times? No!

The majority of car accidents occur after the late afternoon hours transition into the evening and even nighttime. Yet the majority of auto body repair shops close up after 5 p.m. As a result, you end up stranded at the mercy of the tow truck operator. In addition to paying this professional’s fee, you have to pay to store your car somewhere until the shop opens.
Well, we believe that this is downright bad customer service. While it is not feasible to have a fully staffed shop after hours, there should be some customer service assistance. At the Key Collision and Paint Center, we have instituted a 24-hour service protocol.
• Available anytime. We provide assistance around the clock on any day of the week. When other repair shops play a “sorry, we are closed” message on their answering machine, we are ready to help.
• Call for 24-hour towing. Avoid the costs associated with dual tow fees. Call one number for a tow operator who brings your vehicle to our shop.
• Bring it in yourself. If your car still drives and you can make it to our lot, bring your vehicle to us, lock it up tight, fill out an envelope that we keep handy at the office entrance, and place your car key inside. Drop the envelope into the mail slot, and we take care of the rest when our staff members arrive. (No, we do not charge impound fees.)
• We call you. On the next business day, we call you to discuss any needed auto body repair. In fact, contact us today to learn more about our after-hours service commitment!

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