Would You Choose a So-So Auto Paint Job Over a Factory Finish Look?

Auto paint is the first thing anyone notices about a vehicle. Not surprisingly, car manufacturers have developed countless methods for creating depths, special effects and attractive hues that reel in foot traffic and keep dealerships busy. So, if someone would ask you whether you wanted a so-so paint job after an accident required plenty of body repairs, or if you would prefer the factory finish look, you would go for the latter, right?
The lure of the cheap paint job is strong. Appealing to the savvy saver in all of us, cheap paint job ads lure in consumers whose vehicles underwent extensive repairs. Unfortunately, you can usually tell that the work done is not even close to a factory finish appearance.
• Mismatched hues. If only some of the vehicle needs to be repainted, you may realize that your hood suddenly does not match the rest of the car. The difference is subtle, which makes it stand out even more since it was clearly not a planned effect.
• Overspray. Is that paint on your window or turn signals? Clearly, the technician ran out of masking tape. Overspray is a sign of a business that simply does not take its reputation too seriously.
• Paint bumps. When the paint was still wet, it somehow got in contact with dirt, dust or sanding particles floating around in the shop. Rather than persuading yourself that nobody will notice, take your vehicle to the auto paint experts at the Key Collision and Paint Center.
Not only do we operate a state-of-the-art facility that has all the paint booth filters and masking tape you could want, but we also have a crew of experts who take personal satisfaction in doing a job the right way. There are not shortcuts to a factory finish look. Contact us today to schedule your repair or paint evaluation.

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