Key Auto Collision Repair in 5 Easy Steps

Our customers are always amazed how easy it is to get their auto collision repair done at our body shop. Remembering hoops that friends had to jump through at other places, they like our no-nonsense customer service oriented business model that puts the driver first.
How do we make it happen?
1. Call us. One quick call to (952) 884-6272 puts you in contact with our service professional. If you are in an accident after hours and need to get the vehicle towed to our body shop, a call to (651) 454-1533 brings a towing professional to your location.
2. Bring in the car. If you can drive the car, bring it to our lot. Otherwise, let a tow truck do the heavy lifting. Should you arrive after hours, just lock you car, head to the office entrance, grab an envelope and put your keys inside. There is some information you need to fill out, so please remember to grab a pen. When you are done, just put the envelope with the key through the mail slot. We will call you first thing when we get in.
3. Work with us on the insurance report and paperwork. You can do this on your own or you can have us help you. We gladly provide this service. During this time, we also help you to fill out the paperwork the insurer needs to approve the needed repairs.
4. Talk to us about alternate transportation. If your insurer offers you rental car coverage, pick out the vehicle you want to drive while we restore your car to its original condition. When you do not have this coverage, we are happy to provide you with a free loaner car.
5. Pick up your car. Once we are finished, we call you to come and pick up your car. Bring the loaner vehicle back, too!
Can auto collision repair really be this quick and easy? You bet! By the way, if you are on your way out of town but want to have the vehicle repairs done while you are gone, we give you a ride to airport and pick you up from there, too! Contact us today to get started.

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