To Keep Your Family Safe, Consider a Second Opinion On What Repairs are Needed After an Auto Accident

Most of the new vehicles that are being engineered today are designed to protect the occupants of that vehicle during an auto accident. Those of you who came up through the ranks of the American public school system have probably been taught since early elementary about the importance of buckling up. You are probably somewhat familiar with front and passenger side airbags, and that when used in conjunction with seat belts, said airbags can potentially save your life in case of a collision. However, are you aware that many cars and truck on the market today are also created with areas that are intended to absorb an impact?
If you have been in an accident, you can probably testify to the functionality of these collapse points and crinkle zones, and are grateful for their inclusion in your particular make and model. However, we can not stress enough the importance of having your vehicle properly and thoroughly repaired by a certified technician. Should any of these collapse points not be repaired correctly, the structural integrity of your car or truck could be compromised, rendering these same collapse points and crinkle zones useless in the event of a second collision. Furthermore, unrepaired, or improperly repaired collapse points could also affect the operation of your airbag, which could result in a faulty deployment.
At Key Collision, our technicians understand that after an accident, you are anxious to get your vehicle back on the road. However, we also understand the importance of taking the time required to do a thorough inspection of your vehicle, noting any damage that will compromise your future safety, and getting your vehicle thoroughly repaired, without cutting corners.
If you have recently had collision repair performed on your vehicle, but feel that your repair was not thorough, contact us. Your safety, and the safety of your passengers should be your number one priority.

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