School Rules: 6 Ways College Students Can Avoid a Trip to the Auto Body Shop

Suggestions abound from tipsters like those at the Better Business Bureau about what action to take when one’s vehicle is in need of repair.  For already cash-strapped college students, however, the better advice lies in just how to prevent those repairs from being necessary in the first place.  Unfortunately, as USA TODAY reports, “…statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety… reveal that teenage drivers…are the most dangerous drivers on the road.”

So how can students beat the odds?  Below are 6 tips to help any young driver keep more money in his pocket and out of the register of the auto body shop.

  1.  Schedule classes during daylight hours:

Staying off the road once the sun has set is an easy way to head off preventable auto accidents.  Not only will students be able to see any hazards more clearly, but they are less likely to suffer from fatigue, optimizing reaction time to help avoid any potential collision risks.

  1.  Drive only while fully awake:

Staying away from alcohol before getting behind the wheel one is a no-brainer, but equally important is getting enough pillow-time before grabbing the keys. A recent sleep study concluded that, “…16 percent of crashes — are attributable to…” driving while tired.

  1.  Leave plenty of time to get from home or work to class:

Be sure to leave for class with plenty of time to spare.  This means accounting for traffic, filling up the gas tank and finding a parking spot.  Avoiding a rush will make speeding, dangerous passing and other careless driving moves less likely.

  1.  Park in well-lit areas:

Park in lots where there is plenty of natural or artificial lighting.  In addition to making it easier to locate the vehicle after class this will also make it less likely that the car will become the target of thieves or vandals.

  1.  Avoid spaces close to trees when parking:

When possible park in an area that is not only well-lit, but has plenty of open airspace above it.  Parking as far as possible from trees will make it less likely that a vehicle will become damaged by falling acorns, branches and even bird droppings.

  1.  Keep valuables out of sight while driving and parking:

Most damage to vehicles is accidental, but to avoid the intentional scratches, smashed windows and broken locks that thieves and vandals often leave behind, avoid becoming a target by keeping valuables out of sight both while driving and parking a vehicle

Despite the best efforts, auto body repairs may still be necessary from time to time.  In those instances, please contact us for a free estimate.


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