Key Collision Puts Our Knowledge of the Newest Safety Features to Work for You

When it comes to vehicle options, today’s consumers have more options available to them than ever before. Auto makers are constantly looking for ways to include modern technology into the vehicles they produce, and while many of these new features are designed to make a consumer’s life easier and more enjoyable, many are designed with safety in mind. Some features, such as the inclusion of Bluetooth technology in to a vehicle, are included for both safety and convenience.

Some of these new safety features include more comfortable seat belt systems, front and side airbags, head injury protection and head restraints, anti-lock brake systems, improved traction control systems, redesigned all-wheel drive systems, and glare-reducing rearview mirrors. 

While these new safety features are definitely assets for consumers, the new technology that is incorporated into these features makes collision repair much more intricate and complex.

Fortunately, the professional technicians at Key Collision are up for the challenge! In the past forty years that we have been serving residents of the Twin Cities, we have seen the evolution of today’s vehicle and are proud to say that our staff has kept pace with the ever-changing auto industry.  We are prepared for the complexities that are now involved with modern collision repair, so that when you seek the services of Key Collision, you can be confident that your repair will leave your vehicle looking like new AND operating as it should.

No one wants to discover while an accident is occurring, that their safety features were not installed or repaired correctly. You can trust your vehicle to Key Collision. You can rest assured that we will repair your vehicle correctly the first time, every time. We look forward to putting our knowledge of the industry to work for you. Contact us for more information.


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