How to Choose an Excellent Auto Collision Repair Shop in 5 Easy Steps

Advertisements for auto collision repair shops are ubiquitous. Finding the one shop that is trustworthy, service-oriented and staffed by experienced repair professionals can therefore seem like a daunting task. It does not have to be. There are five steps to locating the type of shop that puts you first.

  1. Longevity in the business speaks volumes. Fly-by-night operations are easy to recognize. The same auto shop changes hands and is under new management on a regular basis. Look for the shop that has been around for decades and grown during this time.
  2. Repairs are only as good as the warranties. Some shops offer you a 30-day or 90-day warranty on repairs. Avoid these businesses. Unless you plan to sell the car in the next month, these warranties are insufficient. Opt for the collision center that warrants its repairs for as long as you own the vehicle.
  3. Modern equipment for today’s cars. Outdated equipment is a sign of a shop that still lives in the past. It may be suitable for work on older model vehicles, but it does little for the modern cars that drive off today’s assembly lines. Look for the shop with a state-of-the-art equipment setup, computerized tools and the latest diagnostic machines.
  4. Customer service determines business practices. A 24-hour service option, the commitment to handle the insurance paperwork on your behalf and the availability of courtesy rides and free loaners are examples of a collision repair shop that puts you first. Doing business here is convenient.
  5. Dedication to skill development. A quality repair shop employs workers who routinely attend manufacturer-offered training programs for new products and processes.

When you are ready to experience the advantages of doing business with this type of auto collision repair center, contact us for more information or to set up an appointment for an estimate.

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