Commonly Replaced Car Parts After Auto Body Repair Needs are Addressed

After a collision, auto body repair is a must but keeping proper care of your car afterward is equally important. These commonly replaced auto parts are mostly preventative maintenance. However, it is the preventative measures that stop breaks and leaks from happening. The more that you have inspected and repaired on your vehicle, the longer its lifespan. Below, you will find auto parts that are replaced most often:

Headlight / Taillight / Brakelight Bulbs

Traditional bulbs are only made to last from five to seven years. Outfit your car with LED bulbs to make them last longer and not have to worry about replacement.


Batteries can lose their charge and need replacement after five to seven years.

Air Filter

The air filter can be exchanged for a K&N high performance filter, which will increase horse power and better filter the air before going into the engine.

Water Pump

Water pumps are known to need replacement and typically last six to eight years. If the shaft seal begins to leak, this will result in a loss of coolant and the vehicle will overheat.

Brake Pads / Rotors

By using your brakes, the brake pads and possibly the rotors will wear down and need replacement.

Shocks and Struts

Shocks are meant to reduce the impact of vibrations and bumps. The car will start to wear down the shocks and struts simply because of the weight that is resting on them.


For manual vehicles, you rarely have to inspect the transmission and it’s generally the clutch that will need replacement.

Automatic Transmissions

Transmissions typically fail before the engine will. A transmission can be expensive and sometimes cars are salvaged when the transmission fails and its cheaper to buy a new car.

Spark Plugs

Spark plugs usually last around 100,000 miles and can help stop your engine from burning oil.

Fuel Pump

The fuel pump can sometimes last the life of a vehicle or it can fail after a few years. Dirt or debris in the fuel tank is what typically results in a damaged fuel pump.

The Alternator

The alternator helps keep the battery charged and supplies voltage to the electrical system of the vehicle. It will generally last for the life of the vehicle but they can sometimes fail.

Oil / Oil Filter

Remember to have your oil and oil filter changed every 3,000 – 4,000 miles.

Timing & Serpentine Belts

Of course, belts are essential to the vehicle and will need to be replaced around 60,000 miles.

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