Your Auto Body Checklist for the New Year

If your car, truck, or SUV required an auto body shop, would you know what signs to look for? Sadly, so many people drive around on a daily basis never actually knowing if their vehicle needs to be repaired. When a vehicle’s body is left in a negative state, it leaves it open for rust and general decay, which will render the car unusable over time.

So if you’re unsure if your car needs an auto body shop, here’s a checklist to help you along.

– You were in an accident that caused minor damage. Even the smallest fender-benders can spell trouble for your car’s body. An auto body shop can help you decide and apply the proper fix.

– You were in an accident that rendered part of your vehicle unusable, like a quarter panel or door. Permanently damaged parts remove true operability from your vehicle and should be fixed quickly.

– You see rust around wheel wells, along door trim, or in obvious spots around your car. Rust requires remediation and repair to stop it from growing out of control.

– After a few winters in the Greater Twin Cities Minneapolis & Saint Paul area, salt from road crews can destroy unprotected vehicles. Even if you wash your car regularly, road salt always seems to find away. An auto body shop can repair any road salt damage caused to your car.

– If your vehicle needs a fresh look because the paint is damaged or chipping, consider having it re-painted to protect it for a few decades more.

If you have been putting off contacting an auto body shop about your vehicle, this is the year to change that.

For more information on how we can get your vehicle into tip-top shape, please contact us today.


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