The Hidden Danger of Insufficient Auto Collision Repair

You’ve probably heard the phrase “beauty is more than skin deep.” Just like the physical appearance of a person may be deceptively beautiful, a vehicle that has been involved in an accident, even a minor one, may have been damaged beyond what the eye can see. When a vehicle has suffered a collision, even just a minor fender-bender, that vehicle may appear to have no potentially dangerous issues, but a closer look by our auto collision repair specialists may reveal otherwise. 

Take, for example, a vehicle that has been rear ended. A car or truck is designed with a bumper for that exact scenario. When two vehicles “bump” into each other, or when one vehicle “bumps” into another object, the bumper is designed to be able to absorb the impact. Now, depending on the rate of speed a vehicle is traveling before impact, any apparent damage may appear to be very minor, maybe even minor enough that the driver neglects to report the accident to their insurance company.

And herein lies the danger.

By its design, a bumper is able to do its job one time. Once it absorbs an impact, this part of the vehicle is unable to provide protection for the vehicle and its occupants a second time. A vehicle that has been in an accident, even a very small one, must be correctly repaired by a professional repair specialist in order to provide a proper level of protection for its occupants in the future. Yes, the vehicle may still be operational after an accident, but when a vehicle is not repaired correctly, the driver may be putting his safety, and the safety of his occupants at risk. 

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