We Help Make Auto Accidents in Winter More Manageable

During the winter in Minnesota the roads can be dangerous, and inevitably there are more auto accident during this cold season. Key Collision and Paint Center located in Minneapolis can help auto owners get their vehicle back on the road quickly even in the middle of a winter night. Our state of the art modern computerized tools allow us to do complete vehicle body, paint, and mechanical repairs. The exceptional and convenient 24-hour service we provide is especially helpful for customers in the winter months.

During the winter months the night starts earlier and the roads get more precarious, leaving many motorist stranded after a fender bender or crash. Many of the accidents are minor and only involve one vehicle, but the damages can be major and leave them stranded on a cold and dark night. This is when we want our customers to remember our number and name so they can call on our 24-hour service for help. We have a 24-hour tow truck number to call to pick up your vehicle and bring it to the shop if it’s not drivable. If your car is drivable then drop it off in our lot, lock it, and fill out the early bird envelope (with keys included) and put it in the mail slot near our office. We’ll then contact you first thing the very next day. No matter where you’re at or what time an unfortunate auto accident may occur, we’re here to help get you back on the road quickly.

Our full body repair and paint service can handle all vehicle types and models and honors all insurance company estimates. We’ll do the paperwork for you and handle the communication with the insurance company from start to finish. We send our technicians to special repair schools to gain the knowledge and expertise needed to uphold the standards of excellence that makes our company stand out from the rest.

Key Collision and Paint Center also provides loan vehicles to customers and arranges whatever transportation needed to get you where you need to be. For example, if a customer in need calls us in the middle of the night during a holiday weekend in December, we’ll answer the phone and be there to help. First we’ll assess the situation and determine if a tow truck or transportation is needed for you. Then we’ll assist in reporting the auto accident with the insurance company and do the needed paperwork required. Finally, we’ll put the work into expertly restoring and repairing your vehicle to its pre-crash condition as soon as possible.

Remember the name and number of our service in these winter months in Minneapolis and gain the peace of mind knowing we have your back in the case of an unfortunate auto accident. Our exceptional service has been proven throughout the years by thousands of satisfied customers. Don’t be stranded not knowing who to call to help you on that cold dark night, contact us and let us help you get back on the road quickly.


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