The Most Common Secret Causes of Auto Paint Damage

Is your auto paint getting mysteriously damaged over the years for reasons you can’t quite figure out? There’s a good chance some of the following problems are the culprit.

Harsh Cleaners

Many people don’t realize how dangerous cleaners such as detergent and soap are to their car’s paint job. These cleaners are usually quite generic and not designed for use with a car. As a result, they tend to slowly deteriorate a paint job over time. Always use cleaners designed specifically for cars. These are strong enough to clean your paint without damaging it.

Temperature Changes

People in areas with wild weather changes often suffer the worst paint damage. That’s because wild temperature fluctuations can cause the moisture in the cracks and openings of your paint to expand and contrast. Try to utilize temperature control systems in your garage to help keep it as a steady and paint-friendly temperature.


Birds love to leave their droppings all over cars, which is a major problem because it is often incredibly acidic. The chemicals in bird poop can quickly erode paint, and leave the metal underneath exposed to the dangerous of rust. So if you wake up and see your car covered in tell-tale white spots, make sure to get it cleaned as soon as possible.

If your car’s paint job is getting a little too wore down from damage such as this, please contact us today. We have over 40 years of experience working with cars like you. We only employ the best ASE Certified technicians and honor all insurance company estimates.


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