3 Signs that Your Auto Needs a Fresh Coat of Paint

Does your car need a new paint job? Has your auto paint lost the luster that it once had?

Your car is one of your most valuable possessions, so keeping it looking good should be high on your priority list.

Unsure if you need fresh coat of paint on your car, truck, or SUV? Continue reading and we’ll help you determine if it’s time to put the shine back into your ride.

1. Faded or distressed color. Maybe your car never had that showroom look, or perhaps, as time has worn on, the color has started to fade. Either way, if it’s obvious that the paint on your car has seen better days, it’s a surefire sign that it’s time for some new paint.

2. Peeling or chipping. While faded paint is just the beginning, if a car’s paint is peeling or chipping, it’s an indicator that paint is removing itself from the equation, and that your auto needs a new look. Ensure this never happens again by having your paint center apply a clear coat after your new paint job.

3. Gouges or scratches. Whether they are severe, or simply cosmetic, scratches can lead to a host of problems later on down the road (rust and disrepair). Some scratches can be buffed and polished out, but when the amount of scratches exceeds the time and effort it would take (or they are deep), new paint is the only option.

It’s really simple, actually. New paint makes for a new car feeling, and who doesn’t like that?

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