Things to Look for in a Body Shop

It happens in an instant. One minute you’re driving down the road, and the next minute, you’re watching your beloved car being towed after an accident. Of course, your first thought is to make sure everyone is okay, but after that you need to decide on a body shop you can trust to get your car not only running great but looking great too. Here are some things to look for in a top-notch body shop.

Experienced and Established Company

From cooking to mowing yards, the more often you do the job reflects in how well you do it. You want to find a body shop in your area with years of experience behind them. When asking friends, talking to your insurance company and calling body shops for estimates, don’t be afraid to ask how long a company has been doing body work and car accident repairs.

Honors an Estimate From Your Insurance Company

Insurance companies know how much they are willing to pay to have repairs and bodywork done. Once they give you an estimate for repairs, they will not pay very much more for them. When finding a body shop to do the repairs for you, you need to know how much the insurance company is estimating the repairs to cost and ask the body shop if they will honor the estimate.

Certified Technicians

Like all trades and businesses, body shop workers and auto repair technicians can become certified in their field of expertise. Some common certification for a body shop includes Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) and I-CAR. Taking the time to become certified shows a commitment to doing a job well done.

At Key Collision and Paint Center, we take pride in the 40 years of committed service we provide to each of our customers and the certification of our technicians. We are ready to honor an estimate from your insurance company. Contact us today with any questions.


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