Surprising Things That Could Be Damaging Your Auto Paint

Your auto paint job keeps your car looking sharp and adds to its value, so it’s obviously important to take care of. You probably already know some of the basics when it comes to protecting your car’s paint job, there are some surprising elements that could be putting your car’s paint job at risk on a daily basis. By being aware of these dangers and doing what you can to keep them away from your car, you’ll be able to keep your car looking great for many years to come.


Okay, so there’s no avoiding putting gas in your car (unless you drive an electric vehicle, of course), but there are some precautions you can take. When you fill up, avoid topping off and keep a microfiber cloth in your car that you can use to clean up any overflow gasoline that ends up on your car. Otherwise, the chemicals in gasoline can be damaging to your paint job after prolonged exposure.

Tree Sap

Another element that could damage your paint job is tree sap. It may seem innocent enough; after all, tree sap is natural, right? But when it dries and hardens on your car, it will eventually chip off, possibly taking flakes of paint with it. Avoid this kind of damage by making an effort not to park underneath tree branches.


If you enjoy starting your busy day off with a cup of coffee or a soda for your caffeine boost, be careful not to get any on your car, as the acid found in these beverages can wear away at your paint job. Specifically, avoid setting beverages on the hood of your car as you get in. Otherwise, you’ll run the risk of forgetting about your drink, driving off, and having it spill all over your car’s exterior. Not to mention, you’ll be without your caffeine–which is arguably worse!

Your Car Wash

If you wash your car by hand, that’s great…but be careful about the tools you use to do so. That microfiber cloth is great for protecting your paint job while still getting your car clean, but if you fail to wash that cloth after every time you wash your car, you’ll end up with dried debris on the rag. The next time you go to wash your car, those debris could very well scratch up your paint job and cause more harm than good.

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