Car Being Towed After an Auto Accident? Don’t Forget to Take These Things Out of the Car First

An auto accident happens in just a few seconds, but it leaves you shaken for a little while after the event. If your car needs to be towed for repairs before it can be safely driven, it is easy to hand the tow trucker driver the keys, call for a ride and retreat to the safety of home. It might not occur to you that it could be days before you see or have access to the car again. There are a few things you want to make sure you get out of your car before it is towed after an accident.


Insurance Paperwork

Many of us keep our insurance card in the glove box of our car. You might have pulled the envelope from the insurance company out of the mailbox and put the entire thing in your car. Before your car is towed for repairs, you will want to make sure you have your insurance card and any other insurance paperwork out of the car.


Daughter’s Ballet Bag and Son’s Baseball Bat

There are so many things you leave in your car because they are needed several times a week. It does not make sense to carry them in and out of the house each time when you can just put them in the trunk. These include items for your children’s various activities and sports you enjoy like a tennis racquet or gym bag. Before the driver leaves with your car, double-check the trunk and under the seats for anything your might have forgotten.


Work Papers and Tools

Even if you do not use your vehicle for work, there might be papers or other items in your car. You might have borrowed a ladder or carried home a file to look over after dinner. These are items you do not want to go days without.


At Key Collision and Paint Center, we are dedicated to getting your car repaired quickly. If you think you have left something in your car, we are happy to check. Contact us today for more information on collision repairs and painting services.

photo credit: Tow.JPG via photopin (license)

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