Is Your Auto body Repair Technician Trustworthy?

Brand name car chains have such a well-respected reputation.  For many people, mechanics and technicians are on the same level due to company ties.  For respected, yet unfamiliar auto body repair shops or repair shops with a negative reputation, the employees receive an unfair point of view. Consumers won’t service their car in those facilities due to wariness.  When it comes to mechanics, take off the blinders and treat every mechanic under the same microscope.



Saying you’re a mechanic and being one are two different things. Auto mechanics must have education and experience to back up their claims. A college degree, an ASE certification, and work experience says more than having only one. A bonus is working with different makes and models. Another bonus is the auto shops’ longevity.



Credentials don’t tell the whole tale. Mistakes, rudeness, pressure tactics, and unethical behavior ruin the experience no matter how qualified. This customer service spreads through word of mouth and online reviews. Many people rely on close friends, family, and online reviews to formulate an opinion. Bad customer experiences hurt both online and offline reputation. Negative reputations about a mechanic damages the company’s reputation.


The company

The technicians make the company terrific or terrible. Brand name companies have an AAA-approved auto repair symbol somewhere, and since AAA is a high-quality insurance company, their logo isn’t going to any company.

Extra matters to acknowledge are the cleanliness of the store, how busy the shop is, how well the worker explains the situation to you, and overall customer service. The company should also offer a warranty for each service.


Second opinion

Besides finding current problems, shops are adept at finding upcoming problems to get more money out of customers. If it’s too much money to pay, don’t pay it. Generate a second opinion from another auto shop. Each mechanic views their point inspection differently.

Another second opinion is your gut. Don’t leave the car in the shop if you don’t feel comfortable. Listen to your intuition and take the car elsewhere.

Don’t allow the mechanic to charge you for new parts when the parts installed were old parts. Give auto technicians the same point-by-point inspection technicians give to your automobile.

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