Which is the Best Car Part to Use on Your Vehicle?

The auto body shop selects from a slew of parts to fix your vehicle. With your permission and their ability, your car will work like new. Can you decide which parts to use? Are there other elements involved in the decision-making process?

OEM components are new parts that come direct from the manufacturer. However, these parts are the costliest of the four. Another downside is the length of time; OEM parts have a waiting period due to the extra step of ordering from the manufacturer. This attracts mechanics because the pieces fit perfectly on vehicles.

Aftermarket parts or non-OEM components are pieces made from another source. Look at it as a store or generic brand in the store. It’s a new, yet cheaper counterpart from another company. These parts need adjustments because it won’t fit like an OEM. Aftermarket parts attract mainly car insurance companies.

Used parts, or salvage parts, exist in someone else’s vehicle. The length of time the item works after installation depend on earlier use. It’s a low-cost choice for one-of-a-kind classic cars and cars that need discontinued parts. Used parts attract frugal consumers, car insurance companies, and mechanics.

Similar to recycled or reconditioned parts, rebuilt car parts restore to operating shape. The non-working, salvage, or used parts works well without paying a costly price tag. Frugal consumers, insurance companies, and mechanics flock to these parts too.

You have the right to tell auto mechanics which parts to use in your automobile. Unfortunately, so does the car insurance company that’s paying for it. Insurance companies can sway consumers and mechanics to use cheaper parts to save money. However, frugal car owners consider their wallet if they are compensating out-of-pocket. Nevertheless, consumers have the last say. On the other hand, ownership longevity can backfire as older cars don’t have as much variety as new cars due to discontinuation. Excluding salvage/used parts, components come with a warranty. Never tolerate an auto technician informing you to pay for one part while installing another. This practice hurts the mechanic’s and the company’s reputation.

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