Repairing your vehicle after an auto accident

Are you suddenly left in a bind, with needed car repairs? Your biggest fear has come to life. The sad truth is that an auto accident is eventually bound to happen to most of us. Of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean you were at fault. There are simply too many vehicles on the road these days with distracted drivers operating them. Despite the statistics, some people  believe they are able to perform other tasks as they drive. They are texting, putting on makeup, or simply not looking at the road before them. Before you know it, your vehicle collides with another, leaving you with some unplanned work to be done. At Key Collision and Paint Center in Minneapolis, we understand your pain.

That’s why we make it our business to….

  • Do the paperwork for you
  • Loan you a vehicle at no charge while we repair yours
  • Do the daunting task of dealing with your insurance company

What could be easier than that? Just being involved in an accident is frustrating enough. By allowing us to take care of these things for you, your stress level can be kept at a minimum. No matter what type of damage your vehicle has incurred, we do a variety of repairs to take care of the problem. We can match paint perfectly if it has been scraped up in the accident, as well as getting any dents out, and getting you back on the road.

We even have a 24 hour tow service in case your accident happens after typical open business hours. We really try to make your life as least hectic as possible during these unfortunate events. Feel free to contact us to learn more about how we can help you. We’ll have your vehicle back to you, in great condition, before you even have the chance to miss it.

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