Top 5 Reasons for Auto Accidents in America and How to Avoid Them

Although the exact causes of auto accidents vary, recent studies agree that all five top reasons for auto accidents in America are caused by distracted driving. With nearly 10 million people experiencing auto accidents annually, it’s important to consider what we need to avoid doing IN the car to stay safe ON the road.

  • Texting. Commercials, billboards, adds, and other media blare the warning “don’t text and drive!” However, texting continues to be the leading cause of auto accidents. We live in instant gratification culture that wants things “now.” Yet it is important to remember and communicate to your teenagers that delaying a text response by a few minutes can significantly lengthen your lives.
  • Changing the CD/Radio. Taking your eyes off the road for only a few seconds is enough to cause a fatal wreck. Even though we have grown comfortable to moving at high speeds, it is imperative we keep our eyes on the road when driving. Consider playing a predetermined playlist while you drive to avoid fiddling with the radio station in route.
  • Eating. It’s tempting to think grabbing a bite to eat on the road will save time, but, statistics show that 80% of all car accidents are caused by eating and driving! Eating a burger or sipping some coffee doesn’t only pose a risk to your white shirt…you risk your life and others. Only eat when stopping at lights. Or, even better, wait to reach your destination before grabbing a snack.
  • Drunk Driving. Drunk driving continues to be a massive cause of auto accidents in America. Often teens who drink alcohol at friend’s parties underestimate the effects of this practice, and would rather “risk it” than call their parents. Explain to your teen the importance of driving sober and lead by example. This irresponsible behavior is easy to avoid by designating a sober driver, prepaying for a taxi, or hiding a friend’s keys.
  • Rubbernecking. Auto accidents involving outside distractions are often coupled with speeding. With glaring billboards, constant motion, and store fronts designed to grab your attention, it’s nearly impossible to control being distracted. However, drivers can control speed. By slowing down and increasing following distances, you give yourself more time to look at your surroundings and avoid reactionary decisions.

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photo credit: CIU officers via photopin (license)

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