Spring Cleaning for Your Car: 3 Reasons to Visit Your Body Shop Post-Thaw

Pleasant weather and beautiful scenery make late spring through early autumn peak season for road trips. It’s the chilliest months of the year, however, that take the biggest toll on your vehicle’s condition overall. March and April may bring with them a spring cleaning to-do list a mile long, but it’s important not to let the maintenance of your vehicle take a back seat to your other chores.

By the first signs of the thaw, “…factors such as extreme cold, potholes and road salt have taken a toll,” warns Rich White, executive director of the Car Care Council.  White advocates taking the time in early spring to attend to important seasonal maintenance of your vehicle.  He advises that investing the necessary time and funds in a post-thaw visit to your body shop ”…for car care…can save headaches and money in the long run.”

Not sure where to begin?  Here are 3 things AAA recommends having your auto body shop check once the snow melts!

  1. The Paint:  For some, it’s second nature to dash to the car wash after a big snowfall to rid your vehicle of the caked-on salt. Unfortunately, unless that car wash was touchless every time, that may have done more harm than good since stubborn salt often scratches the top layer of paint.
  2. The Muffler:  Unless your car wash routine throughout the winter has included an undercarriage rinse, your muffler may have suffered damaging cracks from salt and brine.
  3. The Wipers:  Again, salt is the culprit here.  Not only do wipers get a lot of use during winter storms, but salt can cause rubber to deteriorate even more quickly than it causes metal to crack.  Make sure that your wipers are in good repair before the heavy rains of spring catch you unawares.


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