How we ensure your auto paint is a match

Auto body shop technicians are pros at repairing damage to cars to make them look as good as new. One hidden key to most repairs is auto paint, which must be an exact match for your car’s paint for the repair to look seamless. We strive to find that perfect match when repairing all cars; here’s how we do it.

Inside your car, there is an identification plate that has all of those little details, including the exact color of white, silver, beige, or black used on your car. Once we have this information, we can check our stock. If need be, we will order the exact shade for you. In cases where cars have more than one paint color our technicians can blend the colors or apply multiple coats to ensure an exact match.

Since we do this all the time, we have the skill to color match no matter what color your car is. Even if you have an old car, and we are not able to order the paint shade since it is no longer manufactured, we can blend up a color that will work for your car.

Once we have prepared the paint, we will wash your car and sand the damage so the paint goes on smoothly. We’ll apply the paint, allow it to dry, and then seal the whole thing using clear coat. You’ll be amazed at how great your car looks afterwards!

To learn more about our team, or to schedule a service for your car, please contact us. Thank you.

photo credit: 2013-05-27-Helotes Car Show-34 via photopin (license)

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