Finding a Tow Service Before Auto Collision Repair

From a dent to a fender bender to a serious car accident, collisions are bound to happen.  The car damage on this car, however, renders it immovable.  How are you going to take the car to an auto collision repair shop if you can’t drive it there?  Tow trucks are the answer.  A popped tire, car engine shutdown or stranded is serious enough to require a tow truck also.

Tow truck numbers have a designated speed dial number on your cell phone.  If not, grab a phone book from a nearby place of business or search the internet on your phone for ideas.  As you are narrowing down the field, make sure the tow service is reputable and has a license number.  This is necessary as towing frauds pop up when you need help.

  • A reputation: Have you ever heard of this tow service on commercials or through family/friends/coworkers? In an internet search, being on the first page shows reliability because many users click the link.  Call those tow services and mention your situation.  Ask for price and payment options.
  • A license number: Look for a Federal Department of Transportation ID on the tow truck for proof of insurance. A reliable tow company has more numbers on the truck.  If you can, write these numbers down and research it to make sure these numbers connect to the company.  Also, make sure the insurance is not expiring.

Keep the tow service on your phone in case of emergency.

Don’t trust any tow service that shows up without calling the company first.  If emergency personnel show up and call a tow service, ask for the name of the tow service..  Call the car insurance company for tow service suggestions.  Snap pictures of the car’s current condition or film the car’s condition before the tow truck arrive.  Take pictures or film the car’s condition after the tow truck takes the car to the shop, and compare photos/video.

When the tow arrives at the destination, be sure to sign the document near or right next to the dollar amount.  This to make sure no additional charges append after the fact.  Grab the receipt and keep it in your records.  It’s proof that the charges are the ones you paid for.

Severe damage from the front, side or back will prevent your car from driving on its own.  A tow truck will take your car to the shop, but make sure the tow truck is one you can trust.  For more information on auto and collision repair, contact us.

photo credit: Snow + Kansas City = Tow Truck via photopin (license)

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