Auto Collision Repair Options

Whether you’re in a serious crash or a minor fender bender, the first thing you’re going to want to know when you take your car into a shop is whether the damage can be fixed. You have two choices: repair or replacement. Fortunately, body shops have a range of options when it comes to auto collision repair. After the repair, you usually won’t be able to tell that a repair was made. The following explains some of the techniques that auto repair shops can use for repairing damage to your car.

  • Suction: The shop can often use suction to pull out dented in areas so they can be prepared for repainting.
  • Paintless Dent Removal: When the damage isn’t too severe, the repair shop may be able to remove the dent in a way that doesn’t require repainting.
  • Color Matching: If painting is required, the technician will first carry out color matching to ensure that the paint being used precisely matches the color originally used on your car.
  • Fillers and Sanding: If there are deep dents that can’t be pulled out, the body shop technician may decide to use fillers and sanding tools to restore the appearance of your car.

Keep in mind that some damage is going to be severe enough that it’s easier and more effective to simply replace the part. For instance, if all of the damage to your car is in one panel, the shop may suggest replacement rather than repair. This is also sometimes the case if a section of framework is so severely damaged that a panel can’t be replaced without replacing the framework as well.

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photo credit: Flat tyre via photopin (license)

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